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Cambodia is one of the countries developing fast in all sectors, including their real estate market. As a matter of fact, some will say real estate in Cambodia is growing with sonic speed, and other countries might not stand a chance in years to come.

There are different types of properties in the Cambodia real estate market, and these properties are usually described based on their sizes, how they are built, and some other factors. Some of the properties are large, while some are small. Here, we will be discussing six types of properties in the Cambodia real estate market.

siem reap apartment

  1. Condominium: This is a building with apartments occupied by individuals. It could also be described as a complex of buildings but with different apartments. Condos are usually high buildings with features like pools and gyms.
  2. Traditional Khmer buildings: These houses are usually built with wood and on stilts. These types of houses are easily exposed to floods; that is why they are built on stilts.
  3. Villas: Houses that can stand on their own are referred to as villas. These houses are used for business, for families, and for retail. Because of how large these houses are, their spacious rooms and surrounding, and the fact that more people demand them, they usually go for a high price. Villas usually contain small sized gardens, and the buildings are newly built. However, there are the colonial villas that are regularly renovated.
  4. Serviced apartments: Serviced apartments are different from condos and just apartments. However, this type of property varies from one another, depending on the size, style, and location of the building. Also, serviced apartments have more amenities than other types of properties, like laundry services, pools, air conditioning, sophisticated kitchens, as well as security. This type of property is usually given for rents, not for sale.
  5. Borey: This type of property is referred to as a community. A community consisting of other types of villas (from the single villas to the twin, then to the hybrid villas), shop houses, linked houses, and other types of properties, too. It even consists of shopping centers, playgrounds, eating, and sporting venues. Most families in Khmer tend to go with this option because of the security offered with this property.
  6. Modern apartments: These houses are cheaper than serviced apartments but larger than shop houses with features like bathtub and kitchen cabinet. Most high-priced condos usually consist of modern apartments.

Peninsula Private Residence

Apart from the above types, shop houses (Khmer-style and renovated) are also types of properties in Cambodia. This type of property is of standard size with basic features.

In conclusion, real estate in Cambodia is growing very fast, and as such, the different types of properties are also increasing. Developers are constantly creating new structures to help cater to the needs of the people.

Now, you know the different types of properties you can get in Cambodia, hope it helps you make the right choice.

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