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While I’ve never worked as a real-estate agent; I’ve had several jobs in sales of varying types.  Here are some tips that carry over to any sales job.

1. Never forget that you are selling yourself when you attempt to make a sale. Poor grooming habits, lack of confidence, lack of information, tardiness, can all kill any type of deal.

2. The customer can get your product or service from a variety of sources, sometimes for free, you need an edge to make customers compelled to use you.
I’m talking all about quality. Quality is almost always more important than price, when it isn’t you probably wouldn’t enjoy having that customer in the first place. Quality along with the next item will get you your free advertising and referrals from your existing clients who tell their social group about the great time they had using your service.

3. Being a real-estate agent is a service job, as in serve us the customer. So the customer always has the final say, even when they might be wrong they’re right. It’s your job to persuade them without seeming to that your idea just might be more right than theirs. Never argue. This service job is about building relationships with people, relationships of mutual respect.

4. To build and maintain these relationships I recommend honesty above all else. People can tell when you’re lying to them, they can’t always figure out what the lie is but they can often sense that something is “fishy”. Don’t lie, even if you think it is the best way to handle a situation it will usually cost you later referrals and possibly the current customer.

5. Learn as much as you can about your client without prying. This helps build the mutual respect of the relationship and can help you better understand your client’s needs. The best sales people in the world seem capable of almost magically predicting what their client wants before their client does. They achieve this by simply matching their client’s true desires to what is available. By being able to anticipate, you can achieve an almost magical level of respect from your clients which means more referrals.

6. Lastly, not every person can effectively relate to every other person. In cases where you and a client seem to be constantly butting heads it is better to recommend them to someone who better matches their personality than allow increasing friction to fester. If you have several friends in the real-estate business whom you can refer potential trouble cases, for your personality, to then you can expect them to refer clients to you under similar circumstances.

This can effectively double your earned income as you spend less time with clients that you know you can’t deal with and instead have additional clients with whom you are more compatible referred to you directly.
Hope these tips help.

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