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If you’re looking for private apartments in Singapore that you can rent, it’s normal for us to check the cheap ones first. But you will also need to think if it will be worth your money. It’s better to consider how good the place is and if it’s convenient for you, these are very important factors. So here are great tips about renting private apartments in Singapore:

  1. Deposit – you will need to pay a security deposit equivalent to the amount of a month’s rent. Any damage done to the apartment will be deducted from your deposit by the landlord. If you notice unusual contracts, it’s better not to close the deal and look for other apartments.
  2. Expatriate Clause – the lease should have an expatriate or diplomatic clause. It will give you an option to cancel the lease without losing the money you paid for the security deposit given that you informed 2 months ahead. You don’t need to ask a lawyer about it, just let your landlord show you where the clause is in the contract.

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  1. Check the property – never close the deal if you haven’t checked the apartment’s surrounding area. If you’re a first-timer, make sure to make comparison with properties that are similar. Always check the amenities near the area and ask around at the same time.
  2. Inventory – whether you like it or not, you will need to check the contents that the landlord will provide for you, and have him or her point out everything that is indicated in the list. There have been instances that landlords claim theft and also claim the property of the tenant. It’s better to be safe and sure, you can take photos of expensive items such as sofas, artworks, etc.
  3. Furnished apartments – some private apartments may be fully or partially furnished. Compare the pros and cons between the two. Fully furnished apartments will increase your liability, and breaking any of the landlord’s property can really affect your finances.
  4. Real estate agent – you will want to ask the available services that they can help you with. They have great connections in assisting you in finding the right apartment for your needs and many others.

Now you have a guide on renting private apartments in Singapore.

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