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eco friendly light bulbs

Lamps and bulbs require electricity that is derived from dirty sources such as coal. Here are new and innovative lighting options that can help transform your home’s lighting landscape.

* LED EcoBulb- LEDs are energy efficient and provides a good quality of light. This new light fixture by Seokjae Rhee based in South Korea can be modified on the fly to provide light exactly where you want it. The bulb has 6 distinct sections to it and by using a remote; you can change the brightness and direction of the lights.

* Liquileds- Taiwan-based liquileds has taken the step of encasing the lights in liquid-filled incandescent-shaped bulbs to make it more efficient. This bulb is guaranteed to last for more than 30,000 hours and consumes only 2.3 watts of electricity. They are also dimmable and they could replace 15 and 20-watt incandescent bulbs. They also come in two shapes, two color temperatures and a variety of standard screw bases.

* Tubular skylights-this are like regular skylights and you can install this on your roof to bathe your rooms with natural sunlight.

* Bic Biro Chandelier- this Spanish-designed chandelier is constructed of clear polystyrene barrels of 347 recycled Bic pens and uses 347 paper clips.

* Day Night Lamp-this lamps are designed by two architects from Belgrade, Serbia. This lamp doesn’t need a cord to tether it to the grid so you can put it anywhere. It also has built-in photovoltaic cells and an on-board battery to store the energy until evening comes.

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