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Although the overall returns on remodels are down, reports say that bathroom remodel costs vs. value make it one of the best investments you can make in your home. Here are some ways to maximize your bathroom remodeling dollars.

Make a Splash: Moderate Bathroom Remodel Costs Can Bring Big Returns

Considering all we demand out of the 50 square feet comprising the average bathroom, it's no wonder that a good, effective bathroom remodel remains among the top home improvements year after year. Even though returns on investments overall are lower than they've been in recent memory, bathroom remodels are still among the best you can make.

Make the Right Bathroom Remodel

Upscale remodels (more than $50,000) are definitely out of fashion, recouping only 61.6 percent of their cost at selling time. However, mid-range remodels (averaging around $16,000 in 2009) recover about 71 percent, which puts them among the top ten investments.

The average bathroom remodel cost is driven primarily by the following:
  • Shower enclosures, which can range from $300 up to $2,000
  • Flooring, with ceramic tiling running $3-$12/foot
  • Toilet, a base model of which can be found at $100-$200, but can go up to $1,400 for a one-piece contemporary style
  • Sink and faucet, which can run from about $60-$300.
  • Bathtub, with the basic 5-footer costing only about $150, but whirlpool models costing up to ten times that much.

Where to Save Money on Bathroom Remodel Costs

A bathroom remodel can range from $7,000 for minor work up to $20,000 or more. The following strategies can save you money on your bathroom remodel:

  • 1. Bargain shop: Scope out several stores, keeping in mind that even though some items may cost less at one store, they may not have the best product knowledge, service policies, or installation availability.
  • 2. Keep the toilet where it is. Moving it involves a plumbing overhaul that costs a lot more than it's worth.
  • 3. Try small fixes. Before you tear out walls, tiles, or cabinets, try a new medicine cabinet. Replace light fixtures. Update faucets. These inexpensive fixes make a big impact.
  • 4. Regrout tile. Instead of purchasing new tile, try scraping out the old grout and regrouting, which can make your existing tile sparkle anew.
  • 5. Be smart with tile. If you want to add new tile, use it sparingly, where it will have the biggest impact. Complement it with a bright, fresh paint color. Try tiling halfway up the wall and use expensive tiles like glass as insets.

Everyone loves a luxury bathroom, but with smart shopping and careful choices, you can get a five star bathroom on a three star budget.

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