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How Much Does a Second Story Addition Cost in California?

Find out how much a second story addition cost in California. Get an average price per square foot on a second story home addition in CA area. Find out what people are paying for 2nd story additions in California.

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What is the cost to add a second story addition per square feet in Los Angeles California? I want to add a second story to an existing single story home. The home is now approximately 1463 square feet, and I want to add an additional 1500 square feet on top. What is the average per square feet cost to remodel in Los Angeles California 2nd story addition in California (CA)
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Since you mention redoing the floorplan on the first floor, presumably redoing the kitchen, I would estimate the cost of your job at $350K ($225 new second floor, minimum, $75K extras like central air, renovating first floor, $50K kitchen). I'd say $300 - $350 sounds about right. We're going through it now without redoing the Kitchen and downstairs bathroom plus we added a garage. second story addition in California
How much would it cost to add a second story to a house? ...We really like it but know we will outgrow it quickly as it only has two bedrooms. The ceiling in the main part of the house is vaulted. Eventually we would like to add a second story, just over the bedrooms, leaving the vaulted ceilings alone or as a loft to the new second floor. The house is block and solid, would this be possible? and about how much does this sort of thing cost? California second floor addition
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Cost of adding second floor to ranch? My husband and I found a ranch house that we fell in love with, but with a growing family, we would need something larger in the near future. We were wondering what the ballpark cost of adding a second floor would be (assuming the foundation can already support a second floor). I know it's very hard to estimate, but we're looking for a ballpark estimate to know if it's something to even consider seriously. Second floor addition California
Negotiating a home addition is an art and science. Contractors want the most money for the least effort, while homeowners want the best value at the lowest cost. Educate yourself to gain the advantage.

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